Koa Coffee – The Best Coffee in America?

Coffee Beans to represent Koa Coffee - The Best Coffee in America?

Top Rated Coffees always catch my eye because I like to try new and unique beans whenever I can. Especially when they’re award winning. So when I heard the following I was sold:

“The Kona Coffee Belt is roughly 1 mile wide and 30 miles long, situated on the western slopes of two volcanoes, Hualalai and Mauna Loa, Hawaii… Coffee has been grown here since the early 1800’s and is processed like a fine wine”

What Makes it So Good?

Now if you’re a Coffee lover and that quote above doesn’t get you excited then I don’t know what will. Coffee is grown all over Hawaii, but that’s just normal Hawaiian Coffee. Only the beans grown in this unique strip of the Kona Coffee Belt mentioned above can be labeled as true Kona Coffee.

The Coffee beans are pampered and shaded by things like Mango Trees, Avocado Trees, and Nut Tress. Being shade grown and in the unique climate of afternoon rains and mild nights on the island make for some of the best Coffee beans in the world.

It’s not just us here at the HBCC saying that. Forbes Magazine lists Koa Coffee as the #1 Coffee in America. That’s no small claim!

With awards from all across the world over the years we think it’s time that you tried a cup. The crazy part is that it comes in right around .25 cents per cup so it’s not going to break the bank.

What’s it Taste Like?

My go to brewing methods are Americano from my espresso machine and then an AeroPress brew. When I’m looking for delicious beans I’m looking for a lot of what Koa Coffee beans offer.

I tried the Ka’u Private Reserve Medium Roast and it claimed to have a “syrupy mouthfeel, low acidity, aromas of citrus and jasmine along with a smooth delicate flavor with hints of brown sugar and currant”. When they say syrupy mouthfeel with hints of brown sugar then I’m usually on board for a bag! Those are some of my favorites.

This one is smooth and rich tasting when made into an Americano. I would definitely treat this as my daily drinker going forward.

I’m no professional taster so did I noticed hints of Jasmine? I did not, but I did notice a bit of brown sugar likeness which I enjoy.

So What’s the Verdict?

I enjoyed the Ka’u Private Reserve a lot and I’ll probably end up trying out some of their other beans as well. I think that beans grown in the Kona district simply offer something that you can’t get anywhere else in the world and that gets me excited.

Volcanic soil mixed with fruit and nut trees around it are quite a mix that most Coffee just isn’t going to get while being grown. I like to think that some of those delicious flavors from Mangos, Avocados, and the nuts make their way into the Coffee beans.

That’s what I like to think at least and this cup of Coffee didn’t disappoint!

If you’re looking for your next bag of beans then I highly suggest that you try these guys out. While I tried the Ka’u Private Reserve which is one of their best sellers, they also have a few different beans that you can try out or even a sampler bag if you want a mix of it all.

They have something for everyone from Whole Bean to Ground and Medium Roast to Dark Roast.

If you want to see all of their Coffee options instead of just the one I mentioned here simply click the button below > go to the top of the screen > click on our coffees > and select All our Coffees. They have a nice selection overall.